5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Business Docs With Your CRM

5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your Business Docs With Your CRM

Last Updated on December 2, 2020 by Rakesh Gupta

Looking to transform the way your sales team sells?

When you integrate your business document generation software with your CRM, your reps will gain efficiencies that will allow them to spend less time creating documents and more time closing deals without ever having to leave their CRM.

Explore the five reasons below to learn why you’ll want to integrate your business documents with your CRM, like, right now.

Create designer-grade docs (even without a design team)

By integrating your CRM with your business document automation software you can slash your document creation time by taking advantage of professional-looking, editable document templates your doc software offers for every stage of your sales cycle. Your sales team will appreciate the nearly automatic assembly of engaging, personalized proposals, quotes, and contracts.

Sales professionals can quickly customize page layouts to individual opportunity needs while putting the process to create, approve, and eSign sales documents on auto-pilot by integrating business document automation software like PandaDoc with CRMs like Salesforce.

Send out accurate docs, every time

Enable your reps to automate the manual tasks that used to take up hours of their time, like carefully populating docs with accurate customer and deal data from Salesforce. Even when the details of a deal are changed in Salesforce, all it takes is one click to update documents with the most up-to-date opportunity data once you’ve integrated the two.

So, your team can finally stop spot-checking data for critical updates and start automatically generating accurate and on-brand documents at light-speed.

Keep your team in-the-know

Certain document automation software features real-time document status updates that communicate with Salesforce every time a prospect interacts with your document and notifies you of what the interaction was. This gives your sales team the insight to predict questions prospects might ask by analyzing their movements within the doc and the authority to act at the most opportune time to collect an eSignature.

Your team will benefit from storing all deal-related conversations and negotiations on proposals, quotes, and contracts in a central location embedded within your CRM.

Eliminate manual tasks

Once you fully integrate your document automation software with your CRM, your team will enjoy data sync capabilities that enable them to seamlessly transfer data between apps.

Your sales reps can cross off update opportunity status from their to-do list because once a recipient electronically signs, the corresponding opportunity status in Salesforce will be automatically updated.

Let your prospect do the leg work

Sometimes the hardest part of closing a deal is convincing the prospect to put pen to paper. eSignatures are the solution. They’ll make it easy for your sales team to include in all of their documents, they can even upload an existing document and simply add a custom signing field for an even speedier send. Small business and enterprise sales professionals alike can establish signing orders and use process builders to automate approvals to make simple work of eSignature collection.

Encourage your CRM admin to audit your account and take stock of your existing business processes to identify which ones require immediate action as it relates to automating them. Combine document automation software, like PandaDoc’s, sleek sales process builder with your single source of truth to reach the apex of automated efficiency.

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