5 reasons why the impact of community events on the Salesforce ecosystem is huge

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The Salesforce ecosystem naturally thrives with each individual eager to hone the understanding of Salesforce technology. If you had a chance to learn about Salesforce & its full potential in real-time, with in-person chats, wouldn’t you want to catch hold of it?

The excitement from experiencing Dreamforce, a one-of-a-kind atmosphere hasn’t passed yet, and many of are already building up their agenda for the remaining months of 2018. There is no better place to learn all there is to know about Salesforce than San Francisco during the Dreamforce conference. However, what if you are looking to find answers to very specific questions?

Community gatherings do their bit for the growth of the Salesforce ecosystem, too.

While Dreamforce and alike events bring the “whole package” to the table – hundreds of differently focused sessions, dozens of workshops and tons of incredible insights, community events have something fresh to bring to the table, as well. For one, smaller meetups and conferences are more of a conversation rather than a monologue. Cozy atmosphere, personal approach and yet, still loads of incredible insights. And the best part is, there is something for every professional. Basecamps oriented towards Sales, Marketing or Service Cloud, World tours that are very customer-focused or even conferences discussing specific topics like business intelligence, IoT or business mobility. And their impact on your business? Well, it can be huge, and here’s why.

1.   You can finally unlock the full potential of your Salesforce

Pick your favored area of interest – be it cloud or mobility and register for a conference accordingly. For those realizing the need for enterprise mobility, Salesforce ISV partner Resco is organizing the 4thannual edition of its 2-day top-rated conference for Salesforce and similar system users. The resco.next conference aims to introduce the perks of mobile technologies that go way beyond mobile extensions of Salesforce as you know it.

All of this and more is awaiting you in Prague, Czech Republic this November.

Learn more about resco.next

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2.   It’s time to break down silos & start prioritizing the mobile workforce

With 50% of the global workforce going mobile by 2020 (according to Marketwatch), each business owner, Salesforce partner, IT or business expert starts to realize that options to utilize Salesforce on mobile devices are now more extensive than ever before. That is why, once a year, a community of mobile professionals gathers up to showcase how to manage your company data across different phones & tablets. At resco.next, at one place, you will get to see that with mobility, you can take your business to the next level.

3.   Creating new connections never gets old

Resco = organizer of the Resco.next conference and the Salesforce ISV partner is a worldwide provider of cross-platform mobile technology. Resco Mobile CRM for Salesforce & other system users has been serving more than 2,000 corporations, 600+ partners and 150k+ users for 2 decades. Hence, if you’d like to simplify your business processes, give your employees Salesforce that can be perfectly managed within the palm of their hands. Want to know where to start? Come to hear real customer stories, partner experiences and get to know like-minded professionals – all at the same time. There might not be a better opportunity to meet up with true mobility gurus and to get a piece of the action with hands-on workshops and roundtable discussions.  

4.   Tried and tested tips and tricks from pros are priceless

Resco has pushed the boat out with its guest speakers this year. A wide range of business and technical sessions lets attendees participate in topics tailored to their taste and preferences. Mobility experts, renowned partners, successful customers, they all have a thing or two to say and share. You will literally learn all there is to know about the best mobile business practices and get a taste of each existing Resco product available on the market. The event’s agenda is divided into 5 main themes: Mobile Sales, Field Service, Inspections, Route Planner and, the highly configurable Platform.

  • How to define your own enterprise mobility strategy and how to further enhance your solutions with virtually no coding?   
  • How to go mobile and work smoothly with whichever Salesforce license you might have?
  • How to keep your Salesforce mobile data just as beautiful and powerful as they are on desktops?
  • & so many more questions answered

On top of all that, when integrating Salesforce with Resco, it is up to you, whether to compliment your Salesforce desktop solution with ready-to-use mobile products or tailor the app with your own custom objects and personalized branding.

5.   Community events are fun!

The goal of resco.next is to share knowledge, exchange experience and build mutually beneficial relationships. Another thing we love is to have fun. So, to get the ball rolling, we prepared a blend of networking activities for the event participants, including 1-on-1 discussions, premium whiskey tasting, stunning reception party at the banks of the river Vltava, panel discussions, tasty meals, and much more.

Can you see the potential in business mobility and would like to take your skills to the next level? Join experts with over 19 years of experience at the community conference this November in Prague, Czech Republic.

Contact Resco at salesforce@resco.net to get more details.

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