CRM Analytics aka Tableau CRM

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CRM Analytics aka Tableau CRM Online Training

  • Teaching is an art of heart
  • I will be your guide and a catalyst
  • This training is ideal for integration specialists or Salesforce Administrators who want to learn more about connecting and securing data in CRM Analytics. This course is also great for business analysts or developers interested in creating advanced dashboards.

     – Cultivate your IT-Think mindset! 

    Say what?
     Let me explain! 
    -IT-Think mindset means you will be transformed into a proficient problem solver.
         – You will be able to grasp the essence of requirements expeditiously.
         – And have the tools to develop a streamlined solution effectively and efficiently.
    -Deepen your desire to achieve mastery in Salesforce.
    -Bring the best out of you that will surprise you!

This is a less-traveled road, which will make all the difference!

Starting Date: – 08-January-2024
End Date:  – 16-January-2024

Timings: –
               Eastern Time (USA): – TBD
               Central Time (USA): – TBD

Note: –  If you have any additional questions, please fill out the form below. The timings are flexible.