Pardot Summer’22 Release: Top 10 Features

Salesforce delivers tons of new functionalities to Pardot like apply completion actions to subsets of prospects with conditional logic. You also able to share campaigns in Lightning, email bounce reports, and improvements to enhanced landing pages. Plus, get real-time prospect updates in Slack with the new Account Engagement app for

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Avoid Playing Hookie – Understand the Role of Cookie in Opt-In Consent Banner for GDPR Compliance

Cookies – Yay!! Sorry to disappoint! But, here, we are not referring to a Chocolate Chip cookie!! A Cookie, in this article, refers to a piece of information, stored as text strings, on the visitor’s web browser while they browse your website.  Examples of Cookies Cookies are most commonly used to track website activity to gather

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Savvy Marketers Soar with ‘Less is More’!

You are preaching to a choir if you are advocating ‘less is more’ to a savoir-faire marketer! Marketing automation tools are delivering ROIs beyond expectations.  The tools are enabling seasoned marketers to (1) create content for their website with ease; (2) generate relatively relevant high-volume leads; (3) foster Email marketing;

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Delight Sales Team with Pardot’s Lead Scoring and Grading Framework

Finding qualifying leads has been a challenge for marketers is an understatement at best. Marketer, when implementing inbound marketing, have been primarily concerned about accumulating the high number of new leads (prospects). As a result, today’s marketing automation tools have been obliging – the tools are adding the higher number

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Upcoming Batch

Salesforce Account Engagement aka Pardot online training

  • Teaching is an art of heart
  • I will be your guide and a catalyst

     -Cultivate your IT-Think mindset! 

    Say what?
     Let me explain!
    -IT-Think mindset means you will be transformed into a proficient problem solver.
         – You will be able to grasp the essence of requirements expeditiously.
         – And have the tools to develop a streamlined solution effectively and efficiently.
    -Deepen your desire to achieve mastery in Salesforce.
    -Bring the best out of you that will surprise you!

This is a road less traveled, and that will make all the difference!

Pardot training will help you to understand the platform with hands-on experience. After completion of this training, one should be able to appear for Pardot Specialist and Consultant exam. 

Starting Date: – 18-July-2022
End Date: – 26-July-2022

           Eastern Time (USA): – 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM
           Central Time (USA): – 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM

Note: –  If you have any additional questions, please fill out the form below. The timings are flexible.