Eliminate Tedious Manual Data Entry with a Salesforce-Connected Web Form Platform

Eliminate Tedious Manual Data Entry with a Salesforce-Connected Web Form Platform

Last Updated on February 12, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

Manual data entry into Salesforce can cost your organization a ton of time, money, and resources. Tedious processes like this can drastically reduce your productivity, slowing you down in the pursuit of your goals. 

Whether you work in healthcare, nonprofit, financial services, higher education, or government, a streamlined data collection platform can help you eliminate manual data entry and get more out of the data you collect. 

How to eliminate manual Salesforce data entry

By opting for a Salesforce-connected online form building platform like FormAssembly, you’ll be able to feed all of the data you collect through your web forms directly into Salesforce. This robust integration helps users in all industries forgo time-consuming manual Salesforce data entry. FormAssembly’s Salesforce connector allows users to:

  • Prefill forms
  • Create, update, or lookup standard and custom objects
  • Create Chatter posts
  • Use multiple-choice questions that load options from Salesforce
  • And so much more!


This process may sound complex, but it’s actually quite straightforward—with FormAssembly, you don’t even need coding or IT knowledge to build sophisticated, Salesforce-connected web forms. All FormAssembly users have access to dozens of pre-made, customizable form templates for a wide range of use cases, making it easy to create forms and collect data for a ton of different situations.

Become a form-building expert

If you’d like to learn more about web forms and data collection, FormAssembly offers an extensive resource library and hosts webinars and classes for form building newbies and pros alike. Sign up for FormAssembly’s upcoming webinars today:

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with FormAssembly


July 22, 2020, 11 a.m. EDT

While you probably already know that FormAssembly makes it easy to build Salesforce-connected web forms, there are plenty of less-obvious use cases that can be huge game-changers for your organization. In this webinar, Steven Watkins, FormAssembly Marketing Automation Specialist, and Hayley McNitt, FormAssembly Event Coordinator, will discuss five of FormAssembly’s lesser-known capabilities. The tips you’ll learn in this webinar will help you supercharge your web forms and achieve even more complex use cases! Sign up now.

FormAssembly July 2020 Demo Webinar + Q&A


July 29, 2020, 11 a.m. EDT

Ready to get a closer look at the web form platform that helps thousands of organizations save time and money through simplified data collection processes? Join the July 2020 installment of our demo webinar series to see our platform in action, followed by an open Q&A session. Sign up now.


With FormAssembly’s drag-and-drop form builder, high-security standards, robust Salesforce integration, and helpful resources, manual Salesforce data entry can become a distant memory. Be sure to check the FormAssembly webinars page frequently for upcoming sessions to expand your data collection knowledge!

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