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Once click update

This is the first time I am writing a blog post on the AppExchange app to share my experience. Last week I got a chance to test few applications, One Click Update is one of them. It allows you to update the records (Only drop-down fields) in one click. The One Click Update application has been developed by Satrang Technologies. The provider is offering the One Click Update app free, to install this application click here. Let’s start with a business use case

Business Use case: – Tamara McCleary is working as Inside Sales Representative in Universal Container on a daily basis, she has to update at least 100+ leads (Random leads) Status. Currently, she is using Inline editing for the same, but she is looking for a way to make this process faster.

Solution of above business requirement

There are few ways to make this process faster. One is to use Data loader, but for this, she has to create a .csv file with all the details i.e. time taking process. Another way is to use One Click Update. Let’s see how this application helps Tamara McCleary to save her time. Once System administrator has installed One Click Update application and configured it for the lead object. Then it allows business users to update the Picklist (Drop-down) from one click. The design of Once Click Update is simple and elegant, which is nice to have for an app such as this one. It also allows you to select which drop-down field you want to enable for One Click update. It might be possible on a lead object there are 10 drop-down fields are available, but you want to allow your business users to update Drop-down1, Drop-down2 as One Click update fields, this app allows you to do that. In the following screenshot, Lead Status is Working – Contacted

Lead Status
Lead Status

If you want to change the status to Closed – Not Converted, then click on the button marked in the rectangle.

Nice to have features:-

  • Support dependent picklist.

Note: – Try this app today and don’t forget to share your experience with app provider.

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  1. Thank you Rakesh for such a detailed post. Really appreciate your efforts here! Glad to see that you are sharing your experiences/reviews of AppExchange apps (such as One Click Update) with your blog readers.

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