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Topics are a great way to organize or increase post and comments visibility. For example, if you post that you’re working on a presentation for your customer Universal Container, you might want to add the hashtag topic #UniversalContainer or #UC in your update. Anyone can click on these topics to find out more information about Universal Container and to see which peoples and groups are talking about Universal Container.

Before  Summer’14 release if you want to Delete Topics the only way is by using the SOAP API, Chatter REST API, Developer console, My App or Chatter in Apex. But after Summer’14 you can easily delete them right on topic detail pages.

Business Use case :- Business users in Universal Container want a way to delete Topics from Salesforce. In this demo I will delete Topic Summer’14.

Solution of above business requirement

To Delete Topic directly in Salesforce it’s required Delete Topics user permissions. To Delete Topic from Salesforce UI follow the below instructions

1) Navigate to Topics detail page, In our case Topic Summer’14
2) In the upper-right corner of a topic detail page, click on drop Down and Select Delete options, as shown in the below screenshot

Delete Topics
Delete Topics

3) From the same menu, you can now edit details such as the topic name and description, or add a topic as a favorite etc.

You can’t view and delete topics from Salesforce1 app. From the Salesforce1 mobile browser app ( you can able to view topics and all feed related threads to that Topic but not delete.

Salesforce1 Browser App
Salesforce1 Browser App

Few points to remember: – Before deleting topics remember below points

  • Topics are permanently deleted. They aren’t sent in the Recycle Bin.
  • Deleted topics are removed from search results, the topics list, all posts and records, Recently Talked About, Related Topics, and Trending Topics lists, and your users’ favorites.
  • Users can reintroduce a topic after it has been deleted.

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