Book Review : Visualforce Developer’s Guide (A book for all)

Last Updated on August 2, 2017 by Rakesh Gupta

Visualforce Developers guide
Visualforce Developer’s guide

First of all thanks to Packt Publishing and “Sagar Malage” to give me a copy of this book for review. I also want to say thanks to “Chamil Madusanka” the Author of “Visualforce Developer’s guide” to write a good book for Beginner and for the experienced professional who wants to learn about Visualforce. Many time peoples take my advice to refer some book related to Visuaforce. I can say Visualforce Developer’s guide is the perfect book to start with Visualforce.

What is this book all about?

Visualforce Developer’s guide is for newbies or experienced professionals who want to start with Visualforce or want to learn basic concepts of Visualforce. The author has used enough amount of code to describe the topics. One plus point about this book is that it contains ample amount of examples to help you understand and use Visualforce development tools in your custom UI interfaces. “Visualforce Developer’s Guide” starts with an introduction to Visualforce to give you an understanding of the MVC model and the Visualforce architecture. In the next few chapters, the author has talked about various ways to reuse and minimize the Visualforce and Apex code through Visualforce dynamic binding. Last few chapters are focused on building Visualforce pages for mobile devices and at end of the book, you will learn the best practices and security tips for Apex and Visualforce development. I like Visualforce Charting chapter a lot.

Who is this book for?

As per my understanding, this book is for all Newbies or experienced professionals who want to start with Visualforce or want to learn core concepts of Visualforce. If you are preparing for Salesforce Advanced Developer exam (Dev 501),  You can start with this book and later on jump to “Visualforce Development Cookbook” book Authored by Bob Buzzard Aka Keir Bowden to improve your knowledge.

How is book Organized?

This book is organized in 5 Chapters and includes all aspects of Visualforce development concepts MVC model, Visualforce architecture, Concepts of Controller and Extensions, Visualforce Charting and much more. At the end of the book you can learn best practice for Visualforce development it will help you to boost your knowledge. Steps mentioned in this book are very easy to follow and with Output. You won’t find any problem to follow steps for recipes.

Few reasons to buy this book?

1) If you are new to Visualfroce and want to learn Visualforce basics concepts then this book is for you.
2) If you want to learn how to develop Visualforce for Mobile.
3) These topics /Core topics  Controllers and Extensions, Custom Components, Visualforce Charting are described from basics so a newbie can also learn very fast.
4) Visualforce Developer’s guide is a pocket guide that will resolve your most frequently faced issues.
5) Finally, a perfect book to start with Visualforce.


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