Book Review : Visualforce Development Cookbook

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Visualforce Development Cookbook
Visualforce Development Cookbook

First of all thanks to Packt Publishing and “” to give me a copy of this book for review. From Feb 2011 I am working on this platform. I always follow blog and tips shared by my Guru/Teacher Bob Buzzard Aka Keir Bowden on various channels. It’s a great privilege for me to share the review of “Visualforce Development Cookbook” Authored by Bob Buzzard aka Keir Bowden.

What is this book all about?
This book is for Salesforce experienced professional or Newbie, who have basic understanding of Visualforce. This book contains over 75 recipes that will help you to improve your knowledge with Visualforce. I was really impressed how thorough this book is, it covered lots of recipes. This is a book that covers all sorts of topics related to Visualforce development in ONE SINGLE book and this is the one.You will also learn the various way to improve UI by using Visualfroce. One Advantage to buy this book is it will solve your day-to-day technical issues that developer facing while development, So it will save your precious time once you have this book.

Who is this book for?
As per my understanding, this book is for all developers who have basic understanding of Visualforce. Once you complete this book you will be the master of Visualforce.

How the book Organized?
This book contains over 75 recipes over 334 pages. These recipes boost your knowledge and understanding with Visualforce.This book is organized in 9 Chapters and includes all aspects of Visualforce development like JavaScript, Vissualforce Charts, Sites and JQuery Mobile and much more.The Visualforce Development Cookbook is a list of common problems and code examples on how to solve them.Recipes are well described like Business use cases for recipes, Images (to understand more about requirement), Steps are very easy to follow and with Output. You won’t find any problem to follow steps for recipes.

Few reasons to buy this book?
1) If you want to boost your knowledge with Visuaforce and want to know the various way to use it.
2) If you want to learn Visualforce Charts, JQuery Mobile, it’s very hard to find proper documentation on these topics.
3) Various way to improve User interface by using Visualforce.
4) This is a handy guide for developers to Solve day-to-day developments problems.
5) Finally to learn form Bob Buzzard Aka Keir Bowden experience & knowledge.

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