Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant

Last Updated on October 16, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

Continuing my quest for certification, I passed the Sales Cloud Consultant exam on 18th Oct 2012

This is a 60 question exam with 105 minutes allowed to complete and a 73% pass mark.  A few tips for the mechanics:

  1. Read the question carefully.  This is one of the wordier exams that I can remember, and if you skim read it’s easy to misunderstand the scenario.  More than once over the years I’ve caught myself choosing the option that was 100% wrong and only picking this up during a review of the questions.
  2. Some of the potential answers are flat out wrong, so even if you aren’t sure of the correct answer, it may be possible to eliminate the impossible.  And as Sherlock Holmes said, when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
  3. I find it useful to note down questions that I’m not sure about with a percentage confidence.  This allows me to work out how I’m doing against the pass mark and not feel bad if I’ve got a couple of total guesses in there!
Areas that are covered are detailed in the study guide available from The areas that I paid particular attention to were:
  • Sharing settings – this comes up on every exam. It’s vital to any implementation so it is important to understand the detail regardless of whether you are getting certified or not.
  • Person accounts – not only what they add to regular accounts but what they don’t, in terms of fields and related lists.
  • Account hierarchy – again, it’s important to understand what setting up a parent/child relationship adds (hint: not very much!)
  • Territory Management
  • Forecasting.  Simply because there’s so many of them now – classic, Winter 12 and customizable.
  • Custom fiscal years – mainly around the impact of enabling this.
  • Multi-currency and advanced currency management – the impact this has on reports, dashboards, and forecasting, plus which is appropriate to use for particular scenarios.
  • Opportunities, products, price books and scheduling.
  • Salesforce to Salesforce

In order to revise for this exam, I used the Salesforce help and cheat sheets/FAQs available from the only help.

If you want study material Contact Me.

Rest of thing you can download from Salesforce sales cloud study guide, the link is mentioned there….

It’s my suggestion try to complete study guide……whatever you have learned try to implement it in your developer account…

Best of luck

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  1. Hi , can u please help me- about sales cloud .
    can u please share the dumbs for sales cloud & for whats the type of question comes in certifcation exam..

      1. thanks for ur quick reply.
        and can u also tell me – >
        how to learn salesforce developer & where to implement in salesforce
        how to write apex,trigger, ( is it neccessary to know about html,css..etcc )

        i don’t have any programming language knowledge ,so can i learn ??

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